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Conventional Services and Digital Services

Crowns & Bridges
Porcelain Non-precious
Porcelain Semi-precious
Maryland Bridge
Porcelain Yellow Gold
Porcelain White Gold
Full Gold Crown
Full White Gold Crown
Full Silver Crown
Porcelain Butt Margins
Diagnostic Wax-up
Cast Post
Acrylic Temps
Full Contour Zirconia
Emax Veneer

Implants Crown
Screw Retained with Universal
   Abutment with Zirconia
Custom Abutment Titanium
   with Zirconia
Crowns Implant
Surgical implant
Temporary Implant
Overdenture Acrilic


Full Dentures
Complete Dentures 
Denture Clear Palate
Characterized Dentures 
Soft Denture Liner
All Implants Denture
Screw Retained based Acrilic

Repairs (same day Shipping)
Wire Reinforcement
Clasp Added   
Tooth Added 
Reline Soft Base
Weld Loop

Acrylic Partials
Valplast, Partials
Valpalst Complete Dentures
Valplast Nesbits
Framework Partials w/ Acrylic
Framework Partials w/ Valplast
Hard Acrylic Night Guard
Hard & Soft Night Guard
Sport Guard in all Colors
Valplast Night Guard
Bleaching Trays

Finished Framework
Only metal Framework
Full Cast Metal Palate
Cast Metal Mesh

Digital Services
Crown and Bridge
Complete Denture
Partial Denture
Night Guard – Hard and Soft

Consistent Quality
Using state of the art technologies and strict quality control procedures, we are committed to high standards and expert craftsmanship from a team of master technicians.

Excellent Customer Services
Thoroughly and meticulously attention to each case, with quick turnaround time. (Same day shipping Repairs and 3-7 days others services)

Great Price and free shipping
We are committed to providing great prices, and we take care of shipping.

S & L Guarantee:
Six months 100% no-fault guarantee. 

Our company is a collective of amazing people striving to build delightful products.

S & L Dental Lab is dedicated to providing excellent customer service and the highest quality in dental prosthetics. Developing valued relationships with his clients is the core of Sergio’s business philosophy. The S & L team strives to continue to improve effectiveness in every product. We care about what we do.

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