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The times listed below are WORKING DAYS.

Do not count weekends, holidays, or the day the cases are received in the Lab.


Full Golden Crown 5 Working Days

4+ Units 7 Working Days

PEM Crown 5 Working Days

Zirconia Full Contour Crown 5 Working Days

Implant Crown w/ Stock Abutment 7 Working Days

Implant Crown w/ Custom Abutment 12 Working Days


Custom Tray 3 Working Days

Bite Block 3 Working Days

Teeth Set-Up Try In 3 Working Days

3rd Reset Teeth Set-Up Try In 3 Working Days ($30 Fee)

Finish Acrylic (Full or Partial) 3 Working Days

Finish Flexi/Valplast 4 Working Days

Cast Partial Framework (first step with Bite Block) 8 Working Days

To expedite a case, the Dental Office MUST:

Email us at with the Patient’s Name, Dr.’s Name, and stating the agreement of the Rush Fee.


*The Rush Fee is to shorten turnaround times for all steps of the case until it is completed.

**Rush Cases are NOT sent with faster shipping. All cases are sent via UPS Ground shipping. Ground shipping normally arrives the following morning (Monday-Friday) IF the Dental Office is located within 3 hours driving distance from Lowell, MA BUT can take up to 3 Business Days. If requested, we can provide faster shipping (Overnight/Saturday/Saturday Morning), paid for by the Dental Office with an emailed request.

***Rush Cases may not be possible during the holidays due to increased packages at UPS, please plan accordingly.



All remakes will be at no charge if received within 60 days of the invoice date, except under the following circumstances:

  • The Lab tech inquired about the dye, shade, margin or impression. However, the dentist approved and requested completion of the case. Redo is CHARGED.
  • The Lab Tech requested a try-in, but the dentist declined and asked for a completed case. Redo is CHARGED.
  • There is a shade or product change different from the original request. Redo is CHARGED.
  • The Partial Denture fits the master cast. Redo is CHARGED 50%.
  • Repairs and Relines not completed at S&L Dental Lab and/or after the 60 days= NO WARRANTY, Redo is CHARGED.
  • Valplast Repairs can be completed by the dentist (in office) with a Valplast Adjustment Kit. A recommended kit will be provided upon request.
  • The case was cancelled after fabrication was initiated. Fabrication starts the day the Lab receives the case. The case will be billed until the step that it was stopped at.
  • Immediate dentures MUST be sent with a well-taken Blue Mousse Bite to have the best outcome. Immediate Dentures MAY require a bite block step at the discretion of the Lab Technician. Immediate Dentures= NO WARRANTY. Redo is CHARGED 50%.



S&L Dental Lab is responsible for providing UPS Ground labels. Ground shipping can take up to 3 Business Days but normally arrives the following morning (Monday-Friday) IF the Dental Office is located within 3 hours driving distance from Lowell, MA. A Tracking Receipt is printed with the label and provided with the shipping label. Please ALWAYS keep the Tracking Receipt as it has the tracking number needed in order find a lost package. We DO NOT have access to this information once it is given to the Dental Office.

If the Dental Office needs a Next Day/Overnight/Saturday/Saturday Morning Shipping Label, it must be requested through email. In this case, please email us at with the Patient’s Name, Dr.’s Name, and stating the agreement of the Shipping Charge.

Scheduling UPS Pick-Up’s: The Dental Office MUST call the lab (preferably) before 12pm in

order to have the pickup scheduled on the same day of the request. If requested after 12pm, the Pick-Up may need to be scheduled for the following business day due to UPS restrictions.


Make sure that UPPER AND LOWER MODELS are enclosed with an accompanying Rx for each case. Please ensure the Rx is legible. The Rx must have Clear Instructions regarding the case, the Clinic’s Name, the Dr.’s Name and Signature, and the Patient’s Name. Make sure each case is INDIVIDUALLY bubble wrapped, as well as extra bubble wrap in the box to ensure the cases aren’t moving around in the box to avoid damage. Seal the box properly with packing tape. Adhere the Shipping Label and keep the Tracking Receipt.

S&L Dental Lab is not responsible for the UPS procedures, such as the delivery and integrity of the materials inside the box. If you have any issues, please open a complaint on

Thank you for your cooperation.